Monday, October 19, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 108

Today's Tip: Your attitude must change constantly to accomplish anything in the blogging world. Seriously folks as I look back on the 100+ tips I have given out there are always things that get added to each of them. I am an evolving being after all as should you be. The most amusing thing I had to finally admit is that no matter how easy you make it for people it will rarely work out the way you want it to. Take for example that little blog archive add on up there. Yes you have to have one for the 1 in 45 bazillion that will actually go back and look at something but the fact of the matter is that almost nobody will. This is why as you see, mine is just a drop down menu instead of a tree menu taking up valuable space that could  be occupied by an ad. Trust me, more people will click that ad than your blog archive.

Now let's assume it takes you less than ten years to figure out what I just wrote. Yes it took me ten years, so I hope you take this tid bit, that doesn't mean that your older content isn't something that people want to read, it just means (forgive me for saying this) that they just aren't going to go and do it themselves. There are a lot of reasons for this but the God's honest truth is they have a LOT of other things to do, and even I will admit that most of it is better than picking through archives. Now with that said I have started doing something that is dual use, in making index blogs. Yes index blogs like this one Blogaholics Blogging Tips: The First Thirty not only creates a blog entry, but it also seems to light the spark to get people to go back into your archives. If you do a lot of what I do as in tips, tricks, how-to and so on, then you need to just accept that you have great content, you just have to figure out better ways to get people to read it.

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