Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 109

Today's Tip: This is more of a warning than a tip. Take it for what it is, but there are a lot of shortcuts to popularity, and they don't work for long trust me. I have talked about this before and here I am again, because I am starting to lose friends because of it, and I am hoping that people understand what they are doing when they are taking shortcuts, like these.

There are ways of "forcing" people to look at your posts. It can be done in numerous amounts of ways, either you include names on Facebook or Twitter, you push the post on Google Plus or you e-mail things to people on the side. Nobody wants this. I log in to Google Plus and I have over 80 notifications at any given time of the day, and if 10 of them are push posts, I click the "Ignore posts from this user" and boom, they no longer exist. In the Facebook world I unfriend these people, and despite the streets paved with gold that people tell you Facebook is, without "Friends" you have no audience. The same for Twitter, and if I start getting e-mails with posts constantly, you guessed it, spam filter. Guess what happens when enough people spam filter you? You got it, the e-mail systems automatically spam everything you do.

The worst part about these tactics is the people who simply "look" glamorous in the blogging world use these tactics constantly. They simply fish for followers to replace all the ones that have them on ignore, and they spam the crap out of the new ones. I really would hate to see people end up falling into that trap, so the best way to do that is don't start. Be interactive with your followers, and don't spam them. The results will be more engaged followers that you don't have to replace every week because you have pissed them all off.

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