Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 110

Today's Tip: Do you actually enjoy blogging? I talk to a lot of people who wonder what is up with the amount of blogging I do, and they all seem to surmise that it seems like a lot of work. That's probably why they will never be bloggers like the rest of us. I mean there is a lot of work involved if you want to be good at blogging, or popular at blogging, or even just known as a blogger, but in reality I blog because I enjoy it. No, this isn't going to be the point where I throw out the big lie, "I don't care if anyone reads me at all," because at that point you aren't a blogger, you are a teenager with a diary, but in reverse, if I hated doing this (and I have trust me) I would just stop. Work is what I do when I punch a time clock and bitch about how I wish it were Friday.

The funny thing here is that blogging can be fun, even if you lost the attitude of fun. Get some friends that blog too, and work on your run-on gags. People like to spot things that are familiar and I like it when people pick out things in my blog that are familiar. I even have specific shtick when I write for other people's blogs. If you haven't hopped over to "Life Explained" where +Tim Clark has made a very good shtick of turning the workplace into something more interesting or humorous, you can see when I guest post from the "Northeast Office" and the goal of the "Northeast Office" is to find new and more creative ways for my football team to cheat. It's fun and it makes people feel involved, even if they hate the fact that my football team cheats. It also makes me want to just write something on those days that it feels like work.

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