Friday, October 30, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 111

Today's Tip: How well does your media strategy work? Of course by media strategy I mean the number one way that your blogging posts are going to get read, social media. Sure there is ad media, news media, search engine media and Lord knows a whole pile of media that I don't even know about yet, but social media is how you are going to sell your content to readers, especially in the beginning. This of course requires a strategy. A strategy to get your message out there of course, but a strategy to get people actually following you so that you can get your message out to them.

I really am no expert here, but I do have several thousand followers on G+ and Twitter, which took time above anything else, but also took some attention to who is and is not reading what I post. When someone from a group, community or just randomly likes, shares, plusses, favorites etc something that I do I of course follow them and hope they follow me back. That's a 50 / 50 thing but over time it went from about 1 a week to 10 a week to 100 a week. There are those that would say they don't want that many followers, but I am not talking to them I am talking to those that actually want more readers, and a certain level of popularity. Chances are pretty good that this is you or you wouldn't be reading this.

With that I will give you a funny story I heard on the news today. It may sound political but it is just something that happened to a politician that we can all learn something from. Apparently the "Media Director" of the Hillary Clinton campaign and her entire staff went to the rest room together. Women do that, I don't really have that answer, but somehow they locked themselves into the bathroom. For a half hour (the MEDIA director mind you) live Tweeted their distress over this and begging for help. I looked at this as hilarious because of course you are the Media Director of a major political campaign using Twitter to demonstrate what a trainwreck you are. I mean the rest of us would have just used the phone to call someone or text someone for help, not demonstrate that you are an idiot for God knows how many followers. Again you need a media strategy but more importantly you need one that works and isn't embarrassing!

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