Saturday, October 24, 2015

It's Just Like Christmas!

Says my husband watching me exclaim happily over my invitation to The Whacko Blog, thanks, +Jeremy, and then gasping excitedly as I discover it's on my dashboard! I think this is one of those happiest days of my life days. Did that make sense? No matter, I'm a woman hehe.

Which brings me to being a woman getting close to her 60's although my inner child will beg to defer, toenails. Looking back just a few years (light years my inner child whispers snickering) I had beautiful nice soft pink toes and toenails. That went for the rest of my foot. Then one day after huffing and puffing to get to my little pearly toenails, all my clothes had shrunk in the dryer, impeding my progress (tell that to all the cake you've eaten snicker's my inner child), I look at my toes and they are no longer the cute little toes I remember.

Gone are the days of sitting in a towel after a shower with a foot effortlessly propped up clipping away. These days it takes a deep breath and swing your leg up to a clip your toenails stance. The start of a square dance song (You can put that as the exercise on your calorie journal which I've ignored for 3 days now) I was at the hospital you know. Putting on eye goggles declaring this is a clipping area zone cone out, I hand my husband his goggles. I sure would feel bad if I blinded either one of us.

My Grandsons little toes.
As I start clipping my talons as I like to call them, the first clipped nail goes flying. Incoming I yell. As I work my way from my big toenail to my little toenail I make a note to self, need to shave you hairy beast, (inner child don't be so rude) I get to my pinky toe. Isn't that the cutest name making you think of baby animals and rainbows. It's a trick.

You now are facing a showdown with this thick (when did that happen) yellowish (my feet didn't use to smoke) pinky toenail that even the bigger nail clipper can't get a grip on, and kinda clip around the edges so at least you can't claw yourself or your husband with your eagle talon.

Getting old aka older is defiantly a trip. Now to get out the vacuum.

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