Monday, October 26, 2015

Nap Dreaming

I suddenly wake up from my afternoon nap. Awwwww that means my fantasy is over. The first part of the dream is pushing logs across a lake by hundreds of people. Must have been before technology but then again it's a dream and I think the significant dream meaning is a lot of people coming together to do the damn near impossible and getting it done. The logs were transferred to the other side.

The other part of the dream had a witchy side to it. Me and around 10 other witches were in a mall and we were getting threatened by a mob. I cried out concentrate on "up" and to my amazement one by one we started floating up to the 2nd floor of this mall. Like all good dreams we all were dream traveled to the next dream scene which was sitting around a card table playing poker.~Wow~

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