Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The First Annual Whacko Blogs Halloween Ball

Who's ready for a contest?

I wrestled with the idea of whether or not The Whacko Blogs would have a contest or not since usually there isn't much interest in these things, but what the heck. It's worth a shot and now you know you will have a very good chance of winning since less people enter these things then what you would think. This is the First Annual Whacko Blogs Halloween Ball, which will have two prizes, for two distinct winners.

Winner No. 1 will be the person who posts the best original Halloween fiction. Can it be scary? Yes. Does it have to be? No. As a matter of fact be creative, it just has to be fiction and it has to be of a Halloween theme.

Winner No. 2 will be the person who posts the best picture of themselves in a Halloween costume. Does it have to be recent? No. Does it have to be decent? Yes.

How do you enter such a wonderful contest? Well it is a Google + contest, meaning that you need to post your writing entry on your Google + page with a message that has +The Whacko Blogs in it so that we know to include you. All stories and pictures will be re-shared by The Whacko Blogs page, and whatever one gets the most +1s will be the winner. (Of course as a Patriots fan I am a huge fan of cheating, so please feel free to figure out new and creative ways to get people to go +1 your entries, we like that)

The deadline for entry will be Saturday October 24, 2015 so that the posts have at least a full week to gather +1s and remember the sooner you get it in the more of an advantage you may have.

The Prizes? There will be a 25$ gift card to Amazon for each winner (hey I am a starving artist too yanno?) and should there be no entries then I will buy Amazon stuff for myself and screw you all! (Although I would rather give away the cards) ...

There will also be credit given to you (and any sites you would like advertised) given on The Whacko Blogs Blog and The Whacko Blogs Website permanently!

Good Luck To Anyone Who Enters!

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