Monday, November 2, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 112

Today's Tip: How do you deal with the complete and utter chaos of real life, and maintain your blog at the same time? There are about a bazillion things that qualify as "real life" and probably a bazillion ways to deal with them, but if you were to run to the wall and break the glass on the box that says "In case of real life break glass" you would find nothing inside. Life happens and you have to itemize it based on what is important and blogging probably comes pretty low on the list, BUT make sure that you put it on the list, somewhere. Real life chaos will end and it would be nice to have a blog to go back to, with some real life funny stories to post to it. Oh you think that your real life event stories aren't funny? Let's see how Jeremy Crow would explain the last few weeks, and then you tell me.

About a month ago every blog I posted to social media was displaying broken graphics no matter what I did. Over the course of a few weeks I did manage to discover the "exact size" of images that would work and did my best. When that problem finally resolved itself I had a new problem. Every post in my feed wouldn't register pluses or acknowledge that my comments were posted. Well I would plus and comment like nothing was happening and apparently everyone else could see them. Great! Then my Google Plus page would crash every time I opened it on my computer. Made it nearly impossible to read blogs or comment at all, BUT I discovered that I could use my tablet to catch up on all my Google Plus. It was actually a bit quicker. Today I woke up all prepared to do the hundreds of things I had to do just to look at my feed, after I spent all day yesterday catching up on all the things I couldn't do because Google Plus was out to get me, and BOOM, it was all fixed. I was actually pissed that it was fixed because I was so impressed with my creativity.

Real life crap happens and sometimes it involves bugs in your not so real life stuff. You just carry on, and get through it. I blogged, even though I couldn't see them on my feed. I even had a major contest that I was running end while I still couldn't log into my own Google Plus account from a computer, but fortunately I could from my business profiles. Now I have a whole host of funny stories to share, and life went on. It always does, but as I said, just make sure your blog falls somewhere on your to-do list so that you still have some people left around to read them all.

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