Monday, November 23, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 118

Today's Tip: You don't always have to know what you are talking about. Sometimes it is good to take whatever idea is swimming around in your head and talk about it. Talk about it as much as you seem to understand or what you have observed and then leave it as it is. When you realize that you have written what you can and you are just where you need to end, that IS the end, and now you just have to hope that others will get what you are talking about and take it from there.

I have heard many writers call it building a community. It makes sense actually, since one of my favorite sayings is "we together are stronger than any one of us alone." There are other advantages to this as well. People (myself included) like to feel helpful. It's also like the guy at the bar that incorporates himself into everyone else's stories. The big difference here is that you are encouraging it, you are allowing your readers to get involved and have some skin in the game. There of course will be those that will use the opportunity to put themselves above you, but if you have been blogging long enough you already know they are there. This gives you an opportunity also to show them that you aren't really effected by their jabs as well.

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