Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 123

Today's Tip: Broken record syndrome. If YOU feel like you have said something enough then that is all that matters. This actually pertains to the blogging tips more than anything else I do as a blogger, but after 122 tips I have managed to say almost everything. I mean don't be surprised when I pull another one out of my rear end now and then, but some things we as bloggers have blogged about have been said, and we as bloggers need to know when it has been said enough. If this sounds strange then stick with me a moment and it will become clear.

I'm not really a critic, but being critical is what makes me like everyone else a good blogger. I see how I and others fail pretty much on a daily basis and more often than not it is ME who fails and has to learn from it. I would be completely blind if I didn't notice that some others are really good at failure. It's a lot in life, but sometimes you have given your advice enough that you realize it is unwelcome, or at the very least unappreciated. What do you do now? Do you stew in your juices and wonder when YOU are becoming a pest? Hell no, if you feel that way then you have done all you can and it is time to quit, and move on. Nobody should continue to question themselves, and doing that for too long leads to being bitter or overly judgemental. Kiss it to God and move on.

This is not limited to blogging though. There are people who are always in need of help. There are also others who are ALWAYS in need of help. The difference is in who seems to try new things and who have somehow made their entire existence needing help. It's strange to have to differentiate the two but, it is essential to meeting your own needs and goals. "Grow or go" isn't a tired old expression it is a life fact, and once you realize that being helpful is one thing and enabling is another, you have a much better chance of growing yourself. Don't just do it for yourself, but do it for the people who support your brand, meaning YOU.

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