Sunday, December 13, 2015

Shut-Up and Enjoy The Season

I'm so tired of people who's one goal in life is to make another miserable. Especially during the holidays. I'm tired of those laws that try and control what people shouldn't even have to think twice about. To fit the season...Merry Christmas. Somehow sing-song 'Happy Holidays' doesn't fill you with the warm and fuzzies. For that, you need spiked eggnog.

Don't people realise that if you carry hate in your heart and do hateful things what are you teaching your children? I have been in a broken relationship myself involving children and I practiced what I'm preaching.

I really look down my nose at the 'haters' of this world. Running on pure evil. I was daydreaming one day thinking of a story for a good old fashioned horror book. I think there is one or two out there, Thinner is the movie I'm thinking of but he eats pie.

Anyways the storyline would go as follows. Whatever crappy evil tendencies you had on the inside would show on the outside and you would have 3 days to undo it or stay that way forever. No plastic surgery allowed.

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