Sunday, December 6, 2015

What An Ugly World We Live In

I look at this world and what do I see? I see the human is being humiliated at his homeland being driven out because of sect, religion or because some distant cousin did something bad to the country, humiliated at the border crossings, humiliated for a loaf of bread or a liter of milk for his family. I see the humans are without security afraid from the future, job security, afraid of being laid off with no work available, afraid from the terrorists all over the world. I see the human nowadays is worth 50 cents the price of one bullet like what happened in California while in the Middle East the human is worth more because he is hit by a multimillion smart missile.

I see religions emptied from its original purpose to become a tool for killing, power, money making and hate. Religions have divided humanity into casts and labels marked by their names, looks and origin, I would kill you for wearing the cross and you would kill me for saying Allah Akbar even though we do not know each other and in different circumstances we could be friends.

I see humans being killed because they belong to a certain country even if they are not part of the whole political system and only a simple person running after the dollar to pay his or her rent or buy a loaf of bread. One Iraqi wrote on twitter, "please world leave us alone, if it is not for our sake, for the sake of our ancestors that taught you math and astronomy, for the sake of Sumer and Akkad. I found out later that he lost two of his sons by a suicide bomber that blasted himself in the vegetable market.

I am seeing more than ever before humans talking to themselves thinking out loud and say things they cannot say to anybody, because they are too afraid. He could be deep into debt and cannot repay and can see the jail bars while he is walking and thinking if he loses his house where his family is going to go. Others in Turkey a whole 1.5 million refugees being used as cheap labor and a tool to frighten the Europeans with, and the million in the Jordanian desert almost naked in a sub zero temperatures, and when the aid comes it comes along with wolfmen from Saudi looking for young and pretty Syrian girls flashing money in front of their parents to agree for marrying them, until the Jordanian authorities stopped anybody from reaching the camps, but the damage has already been done.

I also see a Saudi mother running in the streets shouting "they took my son" because he left her a note saying he is going to Jihad in Syria and she knows he will never come back, and when the people told her you have to be patient she replied "he did not even say goodbye then I would have known this is my last look at him, I need to say good bye", and the inhumane clergy nearby saying" stop crying woman your son is going to heaven"

I see humans living in huge houses with swimming pools and a bunch of Ferraris and Porches and another human looking for food in their bin, and they would not even allow him, they will drive him away scared for their security.

We became tools to the rich, powerful and the religious, WHAT AN UGLY WORLD WE LIVE IN

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