Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Dealing With Chronic Pain #2

I'm here again to visit and hopefully help anyone who needs it. Thanks once again Jeremy, for taking me under your Whacko Wing. Just don't crush me with those biceps. Take a look at his Health Whacko and you will see what I'm talking about.

This morning it's 7 degrees outside. I suppose that would mean winter is officially here. Needless to say, my bones are not happy; each joint wanting a little knitted blankie all its own. Thank goodness for huge sweaters you can wrap around you keeping toasty warm.

Despite the chill in the air I feel pretty comfortable so I will finish out the WAKING UP tips.

Here is Helpful Hint # 1 Continued-


Make half of your bed while you are still in it. Pull the top sheet and blanket up on one side and smooth them out. Exit from the unmade side which is easy to finish.

A quilted comforter and matching pillow cases or pillow shams can replace a bedspread. They are easy to pull up, and carefully smoothing the sheets and blankets underneath is unnecessary, since the thick quilting hides any irregularities in the surface.

Do some of your dressing sitting on the edge of your bed before you get up. Leave the clothes within reach of your bed the night before.

Consider an electric mattress pad for your bed. Turn it on just before you do your exercises to help loosen morning stiffness.

Keep a cane or chair next to your bed to help pull yourself out of bed in the morning.

100 Exquisite Adjectives
By Mark Nichol

I love words and came across a list of them. I'm going to add a word a day to my posts as long as I don't forget.

Word #3
Amatory: sexual- am·a·to·ry relating to or induced by sexual love or desire.
Used in a sentence- My husband was in an amatory mood beckoning me to follow him.

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