Friday, April 29, 2016

More Fun from Our Friends at Google

Well I have been pounding the #FixThePlus project along. Getting others involved, and posting more often just so I can get the #FixThePlus hashtag to trend. I have diagnosed the problem to be that only comments on the actual blog will register a +1, and of course I have posted to the message boards (lack-of-help forums) just to have "Google Experts" (Think Reddit-Like folks in Google Forums form) tell me and others that we are either wrong, or Google is fixing an international problem of some sort. Today I am happy to report that the problem of the +1 only registering when someone posts a comment to your blog and not when someone actually +1s your post is finally over! Yes, today +1s don't work on the blogs at all.

Yes, we shall no longer have to worry or analyze what we actually need to do to get a +1 on our blog posts, we can just expect NO +1s on our blog posts. A little over two months ago I lived vicariously through the 150 to 200 +1s that the mere posting of a blog would garner me, to have to figure out ways to get my blogs re-posted around so I could break 20 +1s to looking at a big fat ZERO at the top of my blogs. There are no answers to this folks and I apologize if it has been effecting any of you the way it has been effecting me. If it isn't disheartening to you, then you are lucky because as cheerfully as I have tried to put up with it all it is kinda depressing.

I don't know what to tell anyone beyond that. I'm personally fortunate that over the last month anyway I have simply enjoyed creating content, building a brand that is (MINE ALL MINE! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) growing for whatever reason despite the lack of instant gratification. I've even spent a pretty good amount of time streamlining the operations, as it appears that a lot of my blogging friends have started slacking off on the creation process (gee I wonder why?) which has given me less to read. I have also been giving rounds to a lot of my old favorite Twitter Hashtags on the Googleverse. #FollowFriday has been one that I have tried to bring back. Hey if you can't bring sexy back, try bringing back the old tired #Hashtags huh?

My next goal (along with flooding the Googleverse with the #FixThePlus hashtag) will be to flood the #Googleverse with as many hashtags as I can think of. Why might I be doing this? Well it's simple folks. If G+ and Blogger are going down, I want to be a lighthouse before everyone ends up on Facebook wondering why posts of "I farted" are more popular than a thoughtful blog, or a relevant news story. How do we do this? Well you can start by clicking the "Join This Site Using Google Friend Connect" over there on the right. That's what I have been doing a lot lately. Even if a friend's blog doesn't have that gadget, you can copy and paste their blog address (like for example) and then pasting it into the Reading List on the blogger dashboard (just click the add button) to make sure that we are all community, long after the community that brought us together dies. If it dies.

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