Friday, June 10, 2016

Follow The Bouncing #Hashtag

I love the people that tell me the #Hashtag is dead. I mean to think that people take a minute out of their busy day to remind me that adding #Hashtags to my posts is a total waste of time is kinda like the person who asks me why my headlights are on in the broad daylight. You certainly seemed to notice didn't you?

I mainly use #Hashtags as an excuse to posts things. The #SelfieSaturday and #MotivatedMonday #Hashtags are good examples of this. One is a great excuse to post old and tired posts, and the other one is an excuse to post old and tired me. The same goes for #WorkoutWednesday, #FitFriday and #FlexFriday, but then again health and exercise is kinda my shtick yanno? On Twitter (where #Hashtags are still a very vital part of the experience) I like to see how insane I can make #Hashtags in general. I actually got the #Hashtag #BecauseIFarted to trend one day when I was bored, but when it comes to the #Hashtags I use on a weekly basis, they are pretty serious.

I'm sure everyone is sick of seeing #FixThePlus but as of yet, it doesn't appear that the Google folks are sick enough of it to actually #FixThePlus, now does it? #ThrowBackThursday is another excuse to post old crap and I see some people use #FlashbackFriday to post old crap. My Friday #Hashtag schedule is way too busy to add another one at this time, but you never know. With #FitFriday and #FlexFriday being pounded out all morning I also do #FollowFriday which is hugely important. When you see one of those that is my way of saying, "HEY! Follow these people, and follow their blogs," if for no other reason then they are certified cool, by me.

Amazingly enough #Hashtags can be very useful tools as well. My little online newspaper The Whacko Blogs Daily is all generated by #Hashtags. No seriously, by adding the #Hashtag #TheWhacko to the feeds of all of the Whacko Bloggers when they get fed to The Whacko Blogs twitter page, then the newsfeed knows to grab and add those posts. In reality it doesn't matter how many people tell you that #Hashtags are dead. It really doesn't hurt to play around with them in all of your online profiles. I should know, I don't just play blogger on TV, I pretend to be one in real life!

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