Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Go ahead, start a blog, what do you have to lose

Blogging is an art, kind of, and an opportunity, occasionally. But one thing it should never become is a chore. It should flow naturally from life, it should spring from the day, it should be the bountiful harvest of living. Well, maybe not, but it should never be difficult. There should never be a time when a blogger thinks "oh, dang I have to write a post."

Perhaps a blogger on the payroll could occasionally feel put upon, an imposition, but, as an amateur in no danger of losing my unpaid status it is a little difficult to generate a lot of sympathy for a person squeezing a little coin out of a few words. Still, following a schedule, and writing to the requirements and specifications of a task master would add some challenges. But, blogging is the ultimate platform for self expression.

My life is deadly dull, tedious, mind numbing. But, my blog is where I scream with pride "if I had any life at all it would be something like this." There is some element of truth, but, not much.

What is important is that you take a blog and put yourself into the words. It is your blog, and it should be what you want. If you are spiritual, it should reflect your faith. Never be ashamed of who you are. Politics are fair game, but it will invite criticism, and counter points, so be prepared. If you like sailing, or fishing, hunting, trapping, playing card games, tell the world. There will be others that feel the same.

Blogging is your soapbox, your dais, it is the stage from which you can tell the world "this is who Iam." Or, if you want to follow down my path "this is not who I am but this is who I see when I look in the mirror without my glasses."

Here is my only advice about blogging, give it a shot, it don't cost nothing.

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