Monday, March 27, 2017

Happiness r' us.

Look, life is filled with challenges. We understand, we know, we sympathize. And  you know we want nothing more than your happiness. Everybody is different, we get that. What makes one person happy is torture for another, we realize that. One man's fruit is another man's candy, we see that. There are a few universal truths, though, a few things that almost anybody would say, "you know, that makes me happy."

Finding a couple of dollars makes everybody happy. So, we took the liberty of salting your path home tonight with a liberal amount of money. Since we are a non-profit, brother, we wrote the book on not being profitable, we would be grateful if you half of the money to us. You will still have the joy of finding the cash, and get to keep half. Kind of makes you feel warm inside just thinking about it. If you don't find any money on the way home somebody must have taken your prize. Probably Bob, from accounting. But, if you eat his lunch tomorrow that will make things even, right?

Compliments make everybody feel better, and you look great. Are those new glasses, you sure look smart. Have you lost weight? That haircut is spectacular, I just can't believe anybody alive would still know how to cut hair in that fashion. And that new deodorant is so much better than the stuff you were using, we all noticed. And those, shoes, my God, I know people who would kill for those shoes. Now, hand them over!

Well, that is all the time we have today. Don't forget to tune in tomorrow for our episode on the importance of open, honest relationships at work, and how to avoid them. We will have a masterclass on assembling an impressive resume using the accomplishments of co-workers.

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